Arise, Wounded Soldier

Arise, Wounded Soldier

A new show for Christian leaders
Starting January 2020, Aneel Aranha launches a new forum for priests, pastors, preachers, and other Christian leaders, to enable them to share their struggles and their victories with each other so they don't feel alone in their spiritual journey. Click here to register.

This forum will encourage all who journey on the hard and narrow road that leads to life to press on, and help those who may have given up to stand up and fight again.

Please do let your friends know about this show, especially those who are involved in Christian ministry regardless of denominational beliefs. It is time to come together as one.

And please share this info on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts using the hashtags #AriseWoundedSoldier and #ItsRevolution whenever you post/repost.

Arise, Wounded Soldier - The Song

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Click here to register now to be part of this new forum. The information solicited is to provide us with a general idea of our audience and will be kept completely confidential. We will inform you about updates to the program, including the launch date shortly.