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Aneel Aranha

Aneel Aranha

Founder of Holy Spirit Interactive
Aneel Aranha is the founder of Holy Spirit Interactive (HSI), a lay Catholic apostolate recognized by Bishop Paul Hinder as an Association of Faith and Outreach. He is an internationally renowned preacher and retreat leader who has preached retreats to priests, prisoners and politicians — in addition to others — in several countries all across the globe. There are over 60 flagship Schools of Discipleship that he started around the world.

The Return of the Prodigal

The testimony of Aneel Aranha
An atheist for 25 years, a series of catastrophic events that took place in his life in 2002 led to a powerful encounter with Jesus, transforming him from a hedonistic unbeliever to a fiery proclaimer of the gospel across the globe. Read about how a man who didn't believe in God discovered the reality of his existence in a story of hope and love.
Read his story.
The Songs Of Aneel Aranha
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Did you ever want to spent some time in prayer but didn’t know how? This simple guide to personal prayer will help you easily spend an hour or more in prayer daily.
The first book of a series of eight books in the School of Discipleship speaks about how those who believe in Christ move from Death to Eternal life.
Cornerstone is a full-color, high quality, 92 page quarterly magazine published in Mumbai, India to help people in their spiritual journey. Every issue is a collector’s item.
Pathfinder LITE is the monthly newsletter from Holy Spirit Interactive providing news, information, features and articles, and testimonies of the great things happening in HSI.

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